Aegean Airlines A320


Exactly! We need continuous support on this livery to make it appear in IF one day.


I know it’s been said so many times but doesn’t it just seem so weird that an airline so high on Skytrax’s list doesn’t get a livery, but we see other liveries that are far less popular? I can’t explain it lol. They have a large fleet which they are expanding quickly and are one of the best European airlines out there when it comes to service quality.


Here’s a nice edit @Oli_H made:


Wow, 53 votes! You guys are getting closer and closer! Congrats on having all those votes!


Let’s see if we can reach 60 votes!


Personaly, I’m not a huge fan of it, but 60 Votes for a Livery is really cool


This should really happen it looks great and it’s weird that there is no Aegean livery in the game yet. Let’s hope it comes soon😁


Flying out of Greece with this and discovering the islands would be an amazing feeling 😁


We can only continue our suport with commenting and voting! Lets hope to see this in 2018


I’m personally not a huge fan of this livery. It’s not that appealing in my eyes. For some reason I would still fly it if it gets added.


Im sure you will find it more appealing when it gets added and you have tried it:)


If you build it, it will come.

Vote now for this livery!


You’re probably right. The overall livery looks bland, I’ll probably enjoy it though.


Ah well, looks like we’ll have to wait at least one more update.


Yes because I believe that FDS wanted to focus on GA aircraft rather than airlines.


Thats correct. In fact, i dont think we will see this anytime soon tbh. We just had an Airbus-livery update and rework… They will focus more on the 737 now i guess.


The same as in the request

Hey dev team, when will it come?


Surely alone for that picture quality from @OiseauPlume , it should be implemented? ;)


It would be a dream for me to land this baby in Rhodes


It would be a dream to discover and land on all Greek islands


You got my vote ;)