Aegean Airlines A320


The highest voted A320 livery by more than 10 votes! A livery which is highly wished for by the community…

Imagine flying to airports like these, but with a livery! One can dream…

Picture credits: @NeperQiell


I wonder if this will be added with the TBM. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻!


Looks amazing, when is it available?


Hopefully soon, but nobody knows when (or even if)…


45 Votes!! Excellent Support!

Definitely by far the highest A320 livery in votes! Let’s hope it’s introduced in the TBM update or otherwise as soon as possible!!

Here’s a shot from me of the A320 at LGIR - Heraklion. Imagine this in game 😍


Imagine this in the game…


Every day we 're getting closer and closer to this livery being added.


Going for 50 votes in the game!


I am hyped for this! I hope we see this soon


We are the 6th aircraft livery request, behind UPS B747 by two votes and behind a Quantas B787 special livery and Southwest Heart B738 by a few points.


The thing is that all those airlines already have liveries in the game, while Aegean has plain white 😬


I voted… this needs to happen:)
50 votes now😁


YES!!! We beat UPS. We are on the top 5 feature requests. We are in the 50’s. 5 more votes and we beat Qanatas and Southwest Heart.


So great to see all this amazing support on this topic!! Support which this livery is very deserving of!

FDS may have the last say, but all this support is great to see!


IF really needs this livery


52 and increasing, we are doing great!


As popular a destination as Greece is, I’m surprised this hasn’t been added already. You have my support and vote.


Lets hope the devs notice how popular this livery has become


they’re also adding the Virgin Australia 737, which is exactly equal on votes with us, so the first signs seem good ;)


Yes but that is because a 737-rework is coming. They will add more 737 liveries now i’m sure:) but we can hope for the Aegan livery as a bonus