Aegean Airlines A320


I want this livery so bad! I am currently on vacation in Greece and i have seen these beauties here in Chania!


Aegean has just won Skytrax’s Best European Regional Airline award for the 8th consecutive time! They were ranked 4th in the world! Certainly one of the better airlines in Europe🙂



This is rather old news (one month to be exact), but Aegean has officially ordered several new A320s for their fleet. With this addition, they will spread even further in Europe than before!


Bumping this up! Hope to see this very soon!


I hope so as well, but i don’t think we will see this anytime soon unfortunately. They practically confirmed on Instagram that the Virgin Australia Boeing 737 will come soon, so that gives me the impression that we will get some new Boeing liveries next time and not Airbus, since we already have recieved alot of Airbus liveries recently.


Let’s don’t get negative now let’s hope for the best they doing livery’s often and this have gained a lot of votes. Let’s cross our fingers the hope is still out there lads


I agree that FDS is adding many liveries at an unusually fast pace, and much credit to them for that.

It is a bit unusual that Greece doesn’t have a single livery in the game, especially with an airline that has won multiple Skytrax awards for 8 years running (elucidated above). I feel that they might not add it for a while as it seems with the CRJ and new 737s. It has, however, received a lot of support and requests, so who knows what might happen!



Fingers crossed we’ ll get it at some point. Where I disagree is to the fact that FDS is adding liveries of already existing airlines into the game and we rarely see new airlines being introduced such as Aegean which is a pretty popular airline in real life.


Everyone, lets keep supporting this amazing, greek livery!!


We are reaching 40 votes. It will eventually go to 50 then 80 then 100 if it isn’t added by then! Glad to see the support for a livery that should have been added years ago!


It’s so necessary! One of the biggest Airlines in Europe and not even one plane with it livery


Thanks for the support!! Nearly 40 Votes!!!


I agree, and with some of the new airlines that are added, Aegean probably carries 3 x as many passengers yearly as them with much better service.

But no matter. Patience is key. Great support until now guys! :)


Only Greek airline on IF needs this awesome livery


And with your vote, this request reached 40 votes!!! 👌

Next goal: —> to be added in IF —> 50 votes.


I didnt vote yet. So itll have 41😂


That’s even better then :)


Thanks for the support!

We’re by far the highest A320 livery in votes, which is a testament to the excellent support the topic has received. Let’s hope it continues like this, or that it soon doesn’t have to anymore :)


I can only imagine how much better this would look if we had the Aegean livery


Soon to join the 50s club keep on voteing