Aegean Airlines A320


As a Greek myself, I would be so excited if the Aegean Airlines livery made its way in IF… It’s one of the biggest European regional airlines and also we don’t currently have a Greek airline livery in the game , as Olympic Airlines does no longer exist…


Yes!!! We are the number one A320 livery request. Let’s keep this up!!!


Spreading their might through Europe 😁


…and hopefully soon in IF too ;)


Good to see that this livery is getting votes. I would love to make a flight to Greece on this aircraft.


26 VOTES. KEEP THIS UP!!! This will be added to IF fingers crossed 🤞🏻


I love this livery! 🙂 Voted


Thanks you!!! Almost 30 votes!!! Keep this up people!!!


Would love to see this, especially with the new wingflex!


So nice to see this topic gathering up some votes day by day!


LGAV active today on Expert and for the VA Summit for Aegean Virtual. Imagine how enjoyable it’d be if we could fly Aegean in and out regularly 🙂 let’s keep up the great support!


Although I do not really like this livery, I know there are people that really want this livery like I really wanted the A320 Aer lingus livery. So because of that I am going to vote for this.


31 votes for now. Really great job. Keep up the support!!

Thanks for voting @Xpheros @giannis_ag !!


I’m out of votes but would love to see it in added into IF, i actually always assumed it was in IF.


No it was not. Only the Greek Olympic livery for Boeing 747 is available.😉


Yeah, i figured when i saw this topic, it would be great if this could be added.


I can definitely understand you assuming that - after all, Aegean is definitely bigger than some other airlines we have in the sim, and, in my opinion, has to belong in the mix. Let’s see what happens…


So great to see the votes gradually increasing. Big support!


I hope that the developers add it soon!!


Bumping this up as this is needed!