Aegean Airlines A320


Very nice livery request!!! Hope it will be added in the near future!!


Cool we Got 20 votes keep on voting guys we really need this one !!! ❤️🇬🇷


With all these new A320 liveries coming out I feel Aegean would be a perfect fit, in fact I think it is one of the most voted on A320 topics. Let’s keep voting and hopefully this comes soon so we can enjoy some great flights through Greece with at least one modern Greek livery :)


It is the 2nd most voted topic after Eurowings A320! Aegean Virtual would be thrilled if this livery is added to Infnite Flight!


Voted it! I’ll travel with them in less than one week


Nice! You won’t regret choosing them🙂thanks for voting


I use to take the MAE 321, I will be able to go in Skiatos with a prefect one


We are now even with the Eurowings A320 as the most voted A320 livery. Keep up the votes 🗳


Unfortunately looks like it didnt make it for now. Well. We tried. Let’s see what happens in the future.


Lets keep up the great work guys and hope for the future!!


It’s a shame because for some airlines the 3rd-8th livery was added on a certain aircraft. This is not only related to Aegean but in general if new liveries not seen before were added to planes, it might encourage people to discover new regions.


Dont you worry. This livery will come some time in the future, i am sure of that


head up do not worry it will come soon it is only the time


In FDS we trust🙂they have excellent organisation, they are probably aware of it, let us hope :)


Keep your head up buddy, everything is possible!


It seems like they are not aware of it lol :p


Very strange considering the fact that its the most voted A320 livery 🤔🤔. But what can we do…


Is there a possibility that FDS is encountering copyright problems? Seems unlikely though…


Yes, in fact some of us already discussed the possibility of it. I don’t think so, but maybe


Let me bump this up again! Please vote! This is an amazing livery and it will make my day of this gets added. Even if you can’t vote leave a positive comment here to help add this livery!!!