Aegean Airlines A320


This is definitely needed in the game, let us hope it gets added :)


This is one of the most missing liveries in the IF, in my opinion. I flew to Thessalonica a few days ago, as I remembered this topic.


This needs to be added. Really


It would be great to have on IF. Only Greece, which is one of the biggest and most visited by tourists country, doesn’t have the nationall livery.



Is that picture made in photoshop?


Yes @Paul_petropoulos. Aegean Airlines livery doesn’t exist on IF yet.


To confirm @Thomas_G’s post - yes, it is a concept picture/photoshop. Credit goes to Chris Kleinn and @NeperQiell who shared it.


Lots of new A320 liveries currently being added, let’s hope Aegean is one of them😁if you want it make sure to vote if you haven’t already!


20 votes! Hope to see this!


Thanks for voting! Some great support, all we can do is hope :)


Unfortunately we didn’t see it with the latest addition. It’s so sad not to see Aegean so much time after the A320 was added originally.


Hopefully it will be added before the IVARB summit


This would improve the a320 series so much it is really needed please add this


Thank you for your support. Hopefully we will be able to fly this beauty in the Infinite skies soon!


Well, although it doesn’t have a lot of colors it has a lot of Greek pride and spirit!


Beautiful livery. I think the airline deserves its livery in IF! Flew with them between Frankfurt and Thessaloniki (dunno how to write, sry) and their service was simply amazing! Hopefully this will get added!


Yes i would love this for flights in Greece!


Agreed, Aegean is known for it’s good service and has won several “Best Regional Airline” awards for a few years in a row already. We will see whether it eventually comes out with another batch of A320 liveries :)


That is very true. It’s all about what this livery (simple but yet beautiful) represents. The country and the fame of this airline which has offered great service everytime I’ve flown with it.


You wrote it right don’t worry :p. I agree that Aegean deserves to be added. I hope that the waiting will soon be over.