Aegean Airlines A320


I’m sure, they´ll add other liveries to the A320 swell, hope Aegean will be in then :)


Is it just me or does it look alot like the US Airways A320.


It maybe does a bit, personally, I prefer the greek version tho ;)


Yep, especially when Aegean has won the Best Regional Airline award several times…all we can do is hope.


Please add this livery! This livery is very important to me since I am partly Greek and because I fly to Greece sometimes on the sim. In my opinion, it is my favorite airline. I feel like this is more urgent than the Alaska Air A320, for example, since we have other Alaska Air Liveries. We sadly don’t have any Agean Livery’s. I hope you reply consider my request.


@MathAviation7 thanks for your support, I also love the Aegean livery :)

Please make sure, not to tag any FDS stuff on feature requests, also Mark is not deciding which livery is added and which is not.


Thanks! It is kind of unfair that they put new liveries over non existing ones! Also could you make your first post more detailed?


It would be a good IF pro hangar, since we do not have many medium-sized airplanes from Greek companies.


I like this as well. This should be on infinite flight so we can make realistic flights around the Greek islands.


That’s very true! Adding a new livery of an already existing airline is not very sensible. It’s time for Aegean to be added to the sim since it didn’t come out when the A320 update released. I honestly think that this topic deserves way more votes.


In my opinion, we definitely need more Greek representation in IF, because the Olympic 747 can’t really be considered a “modern livery”. As a Greek I personally hope this gets added soon. I fly with Aegean relatively often and it is an excellent airline, and 50-60% of my flights in game are operated by an A320 Generic livery out of Athens Venizelos 🙃. I’m sure the addition of at least one Aegean livery would make a lot of people happy, especially us over at Aegean Virtual.

Also, it should be considered to make the post above more detailed, that way it may receive more votes. I’d be happy to help out with this, just let me know :)



Hope it will get enough votes to be added one day ;)


Yep, I’m sure we all do.

On another note @mbmhwue148 , I could write and pm you a short description of the livery & the airline so you could copy paste it here. A bit more detail might attract more votes ;)


Would be awesome, but unfortunately, the topic is too old to be edited.


Ah, that’s a shame. Anyhow, let’s hope people take notice🙃


Bumping this up a bit, let’s hope this comes in the next update :) beautiful livery and I’m sure lots of people would be very happy about it!


It really is a beautiful painting; but more than that, it would be a great airplane to fly through Europe, because, correct me if I’m wrong, there are not medium-sized airplanes of some Greek company in the IF, right?


No, the only Greek aircraft is the Olympic 747, which is no longer in service. Across Europe and Asia, Aegean operates A319s, A320s and A321s to 81 destinations out of Greece and Cyprus. So yes, there are no medium sized ones.


Looks like Aegean is modernizing their fleet, adding several new A320neos in the process!

@NeperQiell also sent me this great concept picture of the aircraft in IF!

Credit for picture: Chris Kleinn
Credit for article: FlightGlobal

I might add, by the way, that Aegean Virtual would be very happy with the addition of this aircraft :)


Can’t stop looking at that picture 😍