Aegean Airlines A320


Great support on this beautiful livery over 2018, I remember in the beginning it had around 15 votes. Second highest voted livery after TAM 777 that is not in the simulator. :)


Well, I just got a nice A320 model of it for Christmas yesterday…never would have imagined I’d have a physical model of it before I’d be able to fly it in the sim lol

Let’s keep up the great support!


Imagine having it for the FNF in Athens tomorrow! 😍


Yes please!


I really don’t know why we haven’t got this livery yet 😂


Hopefully soon since this is the highest voted livery on A320 family currently!


Just shows how much it is missing from the game and that people do actually want it.


Still hyped about this! Lets hope 2019 ends up being the year that we get this beauty


It’s borderline funny that the wait for this livery has outlasted an entire year-old VA 😅


Bumping this up.

Second highest voted livery request.

Surely something we should be seeing next update?


Lets hope so!


This livery is probably the most voted for the A320, looks like Greece needs a good supporter! :)


Yes, it actually is!


I mean we can hope… Aegean really deserves a livery at this point, and if TAM got one for having a lot of votes, no reason why Aegean shouldn’t either.


Well said.

Unfortunately IFLLC have been playing with our “hope” feelings for over a year now 😂


This has to come


Yes, let’s hope that this time it will come because for so long it’s like this topic never existed in.


There goes another update without our beloved Aegean livery. I know the update was not related to the A320 family, but i still think it would be a nice surprise to include it. Someday i guess…maybe…or not…


Some day :) We will wait patiently


For a moment I thought I would see this livery in this update, I came to look for it in the IF, but that’s fine. Who knows in the next update? 🙂