Aegean Airlines A320


This amazing livery is the Greek national carrier’s one.
I really love it 💙

Aegean Airlines Airbus A321
Olympic Air Dash-8 Q400

Yeah for sure would be a nice one to have!


IM gonna og for an trip to corfu soon cool if i had this one


I would love that livery two… Im Greek Cypriot


This livery looks wonderful!


We need greek airlines in if I have been in Greece 2 times and see aegean a320s at the airport


Yes this is a beautiful livery, we need more greek liveries as we only have the old Olympic 747-200.
Would love to see this added to the A320! :)


It’s a very nice livery. Looks good with the sharklets!


Not a lot of colour. Don’t like it.


After the Global update it would be great to fly in-out and around Greece.


looks very good like the airline


Global has arrived, it would be really nice if FDS added this livery. I mean they added so many new Frontier liveries they can now add Aegean. I don’t understand how a 7 time best regional european airline is still out of the game.


I don’t know either bro hopefully they will add this soon is sad is no Greek airlines at all I the sim


This is a definite must have. Aegan would be a really nice addition, seeing as its a really nice airline.


We have the 747-200 Olympic, but that’s the only one and it’s not in service anymore, so I agree with you. .)


Yes it’s retried ages ago it’s not even good


Aegean should have been added ages ago. Sadly, we haven’t seen it yet.


we must have this ASAP vote guys almost 10 votes amazing support


Got my vote, let’s hope it comes soon :)


I cant believe how they added like 5 new Frontier liveries (literally the same thing) and havent added this yet.