Aegean Airlines - A piece of Greece

Hello together, 👋🏼
since Aegean Airlines joined I made many flights with the A320-ceo.

The following pictures were taken after takeoff at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport (LGTS) in Greece. Because of the beautiful location and livery I wanna share it with you.

A Star Alliance Photo Source

Server: Expert
Time: 14.00 Zulu
Route: LGTS - LGAV (SKG - ATH)

Some facts about Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlines is based in the capital of Greece, Athens. The whole fleet consists of A319, A320 and A321. The A320 is the most popular of all, it’s the golden middle that’s why Aegean bought by the release of the new livery the A320N. I think that’s why Infinity Flight added the A320 first.

If you’re interested by the photos, Aegean Airlines or just wanna fly with me in Greece (island hopping) feel free to contact me.

Must see
If you liked the pictures and want to see more here is a short film, created on my own.
Aegean Airlines - Short Film

Here are the photos, taken by myself

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Have a nice and secure flight!


Really nice photos you got there, I like the tail of the Aegean Airlines planes.

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Glad you like them, the new livery changed the tail a little but I still think it’s really beautiful.

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Great pics! Pretty cool little video there too! You’ve got some skill keep it up…

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Did you greece the landing?


Butter_Boi, did you know that Aegean Airlines got a new livery that made the tails look even more awesome?


No I didn’t know that.
Edit: That new livery looks great!