Aegean Action at Athens

Finally thought of a catchy title for today’s screenshots post! I took the Aegean A320 on a short flight yesterday between Athens (LGAV) and Larnaca (LCLK), as I continue to enjoy flying between 3D airports. Expert server with a great takeoff and landing. Used the free cam to get some great unique angles at Athens which I really like. As always, enjoy the photos!

Another Aegean flight lands as I sit at the gate alongside a third A320

Ramp photo of my aircraft as we prepare for pushback

Meanwhile at the main terminal we have two more Aegean A320s parked after landing with an Emirates 777 preparing for pushback.

My favorite of the series. The gates plus the road, ground service equipment and aircraft make it look incredibly realistic!

Wing view after departure

Even better wingview as the aircraft banks towards Larnaca


Great photos man! Gotta love those mountains and the fact that all the liveries match!

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked the photos! The plane locations and realistic liveries worked out great so I was quite happy

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Also here’s a bonus photo that didn’t make it into the original post - on descent to Larnaca!


Great photos! I love the first one, but they’re all quality.

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Yes Athens is a top destination now! It fits in beautifully with the surrounding landscape and the views on approach are great from all directions! (I’d say that Mexico City is another similar good example).

Good pics, good angles and the aircraft all look great…

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I really love Greece! These photos are amazing!!!

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Amazing screenshots! 💙🇬🇷


@lukewil71 Thank you! First one is definitely one of my favorites as well

@mcgregni Thank you! Greece is definitely a great place to fly. The scenery is beautiful!

@Andrew_Nss Welcome to the community! Thank you - I’m glad you liked the photos!

@Georgios_P Thank you - I’m happy you liked them! Also appreciate the effort you put in to making your Athens tutorial - I think I followed it and it seemed like the other aircraft did as well


Excellent shots mate! Love them all.

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked them