Aegean A319

With the old thread closed in 2018, I’d like to give it another go!
( Aegean Airlines Airbus A319 SX-DGH )

The Aegean A319 livery is used on the A319 in use with Aegean (Obvious :)).
They use the A319 to fly from Athens to destinations like Heraklion, Istanbul, Budapest or Rome just to name a few.

Greek airlines are highly underrated, and IF needs more liveries for the A319 to represent this beautiful type of plane more.

About Aegean:

Aegean Airlines is a Greek Airline founded in 1987.
Their hub is in Athens from where they serve almost every island in Greece together with her subsidiary: Olympic and to many mainly European destinations.
Their fleet consists right now of 55 aircraft and 88 destinations.
In 2010 they became part of Star Alliance and in 2013 Olympic air became part of Aegean making it the biggest Greek airline.

( Aegean Airlines - Wikipedia )

Any vote would be welcome! Thanks in advance!

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I really love everything about Aegean. Looking forward to get the A319 and A321 in the simulator! You got my vote! 🇬🇷💙


I honestly feel like after the 777 they should just do a livery update, no new planes, just like 100 new liveries


Very beautiful painting!


Also it would be nice seeing the A319 and A321 without sharklets since the older models would look awesome too!


I agree…
There are soooooo much feature requests, and almost none of them get in the game…
More liveries also would add lots and lots of realism and it costs far less time than planes.


But to add something to the draft…
The A319 is not flying to Stuttgart anymore. It’s the A320-2 for Thessaloniki and the A320 ceo for Athens 😉

Oh, my problem XD

Thank you, it’s a great airline indeed!


I’d say Balkan airlines in general. We’ve only got a handful in IF, but there are so many missing. I really wanna see more planes in Balkan airlines’ liveries.

One of my favourite planes in a beautiful Balkan livery, you’ve got my vote!


@AegeanVA has entered the thread.

I support this livery, except I have no votes left. It would be great to fully support the entire fleet of Greek’s favourite Airline! 🇬🇷


Thanks for your vote @AviatorAlex

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6 votes… we need more for this beautiful livery!

We need this one!

Yes, definitely. Will fly on it this summer :)

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i was thinking that too. surely it’s not as hard to do liveries as it is to do an entire aircraft :)


Hah! Cool seeing Aegean on the little A319!