Advise on correct comms procedure for being switch between multiple approach frequencies please

Hi ATC Controllers,
Could I get your advise on the situation when multiple approaches frequencies are active and you request me to switch to another approach frequency. Do i have to request the entire approach again or do I just check in?

Sometimes approach controllers will team up with larger volumes and have an initial (the person you contact first) and a final (the person who vectors you to the final approach). Typically the ATIS swill say to contact whoever is the initial by saying “contact airport approach on 123.4 when north south easy and west of the airport.” Once he vectors you to where he wants you to go, he’ll hand you off to the other controller who will know what runway you’re on since both controllers will be in communication. Just check in and he’ll vector you to your final approach :)

The goal of using multiple frequencies is to lighten the workload of all the controllers envolved. If you simply check in when handed from one Radar controller to the other, not on initial contact with your first radar controller you will help in doing that. Read more as to why the controller would be able to know what service you requested from the other radar controller here:

Thank you. Understood .

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