Advise for decent and speed

Can anyone advise me for a decent and speed for 777-300er from kaulalampur to Singapore with flight plan

How much load do you have?

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I’m guessing about 270-300 knots

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How high are you starting from?

As a very rough rule of thumb:

100 nm to go / 32000 ft / M0.71 / VS 2500 fpm
42 nm to go / 12000 ft / 240 kts / VS 2500 fpm (until below 10000)
24 nm to go / 6000 ft / 220 kts / VS 1500 fpm
12 nm to go / 3000 ft / 180 kts / VS 500 ft

as a I said its very rough, its all in the planning so that you are on glide path at the right speed in landing configuration by 3nm to go.



Maybe this will help…


How do you make that??

It’s a FNF flight plan made by Tyler

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Thanks to all for u r advice