So, I never see people do that, but, correct me if i’m wrong, you’re supposed to request departure before starting to turn on take off. So guys, do that

if i’m wrong this is going to be so akward

i mean when you’re airborne, i’m saying request departure, not request take-off

Do you mean request departure? If you request takeoff, you are already telling the controller where you are departing, and there is no need to request departure before turning again.

…i think.

No, this is not necessary.

It’s included in the takeoff request.

idk i feel like you’resupposed to ask it

this so akward now

why am I alwais wrong geez

Feel what you want, but you don’t need to. Why would you need to? You request takeoff, departing wherever. Done.

Requesting departure is for when you’ve been in pattern and want to leave.

oh really? i tought you were supposed to ask it when you toke-off, thanks!

can a moderator close this topic?