Advice - Projector in carry on or checked luggage?

Hi all,

I’ve got a business trip in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) which require’s me to take a special 3D projector. Now do I put this in my suitcase or put it in my hand luggage trolley?

I’d like to take it onboard so that I know it won’t get damaged in the hold, but will I have any problems with security at the various airports?


Carry on always I hate checking bags

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TSA: " Uh sir why is there a 3d projector in your carry on"
Jaty: " no inflight entertainment, must bring my own"


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i would recommend putting it in your checked baggage, as you may have troubles getting it on the plane in a carry on bag.

u know that they don’t treat your baggage with royalty, its their job to meet a certain time so they throw it on.

this is true, however if you keep it cushioned by your clothes, it should be fine. whereas if you take it in a carry on, you may need to remove it.

its the risk. all we can say is go early if u cant go through airport security check it in

Yeah probably your best bet.

How big is this? If you are trying to bring a carry on suitcase that can barely fit in the overhead compartment, then many other passengers, including me, will look at you with distaste. If it can barely fit in the overhead, then don’t bother for the sake of the plane’s OTP, and the other pax. If it fits, then definitely bring it with you. Checked luggage is a pain.

Carry-on, so this doesn’t happen with the Transportation Security Officials.

puts through baggage scanner
TSA 1: What is that?
TSA 2: OMG it’s a bomb!
They tackle you

If you do check, notify the TSA agents that it is a projector.