Advice on Starting a virtual Airline

So I’ve read the VA guidelines and posts of that nature, but I was wondering if any one had an y additional advice on making a va, and if they have had and advice/expirencr about the process of getting a VA certified. Thanks for your time!

Follow those threads and you’re golden

Just know how to deal with all sorts of people when starting a VA as you will see all sorts


One thing I can definitely say in terms of advice: don’t walk this path alone.

Often, CEOs make a VA just for the sake of having that “leader” tag, without any staff. If you have the right staff team together, you can go far.

Good luck 🙂


Got it! I’ll read over them again!

Thank you, I’ll definitely remember that, as I have been told that making a VA is a ton of work.

It is indeed, a long path. And you are likely to meet lots of obstacles of all sorts. But if all works out, it reaps rewards and is a great experience!

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I posted in live, and then levet changed it to Va

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Very weird. Sorry about that.

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No problem, thanks for telling me that for future refrenece though!


It’s a long, grueling trail. You’re going to want a staff of at least 3 people to help you get certified, especially if you try to create a VA based off a large airline. There are a bunch of hidden logistic issues exclusive to each airline, so be prepared, and don’t prepare to have an easy path, it’s a lot of work, but rewarding.


Thanks for the information. Just got put into next months cycle so hopefully if I work really hard and make it at a high quality we’ll be picked! Also, considering you can’t make a thread until you’re certified, how would you recommend me get staff?

Patience, a good message, and a warm personality is really all you need 😉😇☺ (besides a website, fleet, ranking system, and a VA itself)

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Good to know, all this advice is really encouraging me to do my best for this VA!

i would completely agree with this. DLVA isnt where it is today without a great staff that helps keep it going, and a great community that is happy to be there.

The two HAVE to come together for a great experience. Don’t start a VA if you arent in it for the right reasons for it


The reasons I wanted to start a Naval VA was because I’m in love with naval aviation and there isn’t one out there atm

Advice id throw out there…

Have a good plan to get it going. Remember that many people flock to popular airlines for a VA, for some of the other VA’s, they have to get people to their VA because of how its unique and brings something that will spark the interest.

Secondly, be prepared for a slow start. Many that start a VA expect it to get popular quick, but it doesnt work that way, so obviously be patient.

get people that want to be staff for the right reasons. Don’t just get staff to have them, bring people in that will help you in the long run and be an asset to you.

lastly, if its your passion, stick with it. it will get hard, it will be tough, power through


Staff should be people you hand pick, not from an IFC form or anything like that. People you trust / know, people with dedication to sit down and work for hours on end (literally), and people who are mature, but welcoming.


Thanks for the advice, I’m sure it’ll help later on in the VA!

That is very true, didn’t really think about that. Thanks!

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