Advice on IF regarding ATC Communications

So I was playing on the training server, and did not understand some of these ATC Instructions: (i am sorry if this has already been addressed, I didn’t know) (I’m also not too sure if this post should be put on the ATC Category, or Support Category; sorry if I put it at the wrong one!)

  1. After switching to departure, ATC asked me to “State Intentions”. What does that mean and what should I do?
  2. What should I do after “frequency change” is approved, and what does it mean?
  1. When stating intentions, say what you want to do. For example, if you want to fly to another airport, say “request flight following to ___”.

  2. If you get “frequency changed approved”, reply and then leave the frequency.

Hope it helps!


If ATC ask intentions,tell him your intentions i.e in this case since you were with departure frequency,you should ask him for Flight following, Radar vectors or any other type of service to your destination airport.

When Atc says Frequency change approved,he means you’re no longer needed on his frequency,hence you can tune out of his frequency.

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It states frequency change approved, not frequency change required. You don’t have to switch off the controller’s frequency at all, and controllers have adequate tools to deal with it if you do not switch off.


Okay, what does Flight Following, Radar Vectors mean?

I see, thank you! :)

Radar vectors are vectors given by ATC (e.g. headings or decent/climb clearances) you have to follow.

Example: “Turn right heading 360“

For more advice on ATC communications check out the following manual:

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Flight following essentially means that you wish to follow your flight plan or fly around on your own without too many vectors from atc. Note, however, that atc is still allowed to vector you away from traffic and you should always follow these vectors until you receive a “resume own navigation”.

Radar vectors mean that a controller will vector you in the general vicinity of an airport and then hand you off to a tower controller. In most cases, this will be on downwind of base. When you are departing an airspace, radar vectors will usually be a heading instruction towards the airport, followed by a resume own navigation command. Once you receive this command, you should make adjustments to the heading given by atc accordingly, accounting for winds aloft and other factors.


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