Advice on E-jet

Dear Infinite Flight Team:
Hello! the staff.I have some suggestions and questions about the refurbishment of E-jet.
First, does the refurbished E-jet have a free model (eg E170)
Second, will the E2 model be added?
Third, will the E-jet have cabin lighting effects like the A220?
I have one more tip for refurbished E-jets:
Join real GPWS alerts (I’d love to know what E-jet’s alerts look like)
a player

Hey! I think I can provide some answers to some of your questions…

We won’t know this until the release of the aircraft.

I’m fairly sure they’re just reworking the E175 and E190 for now, no word on the E2.

Who knows! We’ll just have to sit and wait and find out when it’s released. That’s all part of the fun!

Hope I could help,


No word on additional progress of the Ejets or what’s to be included. Only info we’ve seen is the work in progress that we all saw the other day.