Advice on a Joystick

Hello 😊I am planning to buy a joystick just for IF to use with live flight connect. Can anyone please give me advice on if it is worth it and which one to get (something not very expensive even if not the best quality). 😊Thank you in advance.


Hello there!
The Logitech Extreme 3D pro is very good:)

Just took this right now, it works well


I can highly recommend the Thrustmaster T Flight HOTAS X. The large, separate throttle is very nice to use.


I highly recommend this, especially for a mobile sim. Don’t get anything more than this joystick unless you already have a full simulation on your computer



Please check this thread if you are on apple! If not most are cross compatible so it’s a win win. Next time please ensure you search before posting :)

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It is definitely worth it. I bought my Thrustmaster T Hotas Flight stick last summer and have never looked back. I don’t use it everyday, I probably use it once or twice a week. But when I do use it, it is still fun. At first, the joystick gets a bit of getting used to but eventually you get the gist of it. One tip I have for you is to have good wifi when using LiveFlight connect. If your wifi is poor, the joystick reacts VERY late or sometimes disconnects at the worst time. Sadly I know this from experience

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For bang for buck that is the stick I’ve been using that same stick now for 5+ years now with FSX and I use it now for IF

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Lot of good information above. :)