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Hi everyone, as you know , I’m new to this game.

Just a quick question: I had a flight filed down to Heathrow on the ILS to rw27r , half way down I was diverted off my route by ATC. Now this has been my 1st landing with ATC and landing into Heathrow. The controller was amazing and gradually decended me etc… kept me at 3000ft I had NAV1 turned on then hit APPR but the aircraft didn’t decend it was on LOC but never decended??? The ALT just kept flashing orange. I had to disengage AP and the landing was a bit sketchy, but I landed.

Any tips ?



it may have been that you were too high for the localiser to recognise to decend in given time… i may be wrong but that’s my main guess to why this happened to you as this is also happened to me :)


Cheers, I didn’t want to decend incase I got a violation.

No problem :)
Watch this if you need a in-depth further explanation

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Hey by the way, I once was controlling you at EGLL in Training Server :)

Perfectly done , well done, very professional


Thank you :)

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I was nervous as hell. Lol

It was like weeks ago I was controlling lol…but you cant get violations in Training Server by the way.


All I do is EGLL up to EGNT just to get my practice.

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if you ever need ATC message me i’ll be happy to help :)

Cool! Have you tried a long haul before?

Spot on thanks.

Saw you on approach to LFPG today @IFBLOGS

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If you ever wanna fly with me, let me know via IFC.

Always up to a flight :)

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Probably you turned it on too late and at that point you were to high

xD training server. Chaos everytime

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