ADVICE: How to conserve battery/prevent overheat

Please try my methods if you want to conserve more battery/prevent overheat

  • Set graphics to fastest, lowest setting.
  • Set the low power mode to ON (in your phone and in this game’s setting).
  • Set the SFX to off during cruise
  • Turn the brightness to to the lowest setting possible.
  • Turn on the night shift and dark mode.
  • Place them on an well-conditioned room possible, even during charging (placing your phone in front of a fan is OK too).
    During flight, you should not touch the phone during a cruising (wait until you reached the top of descent).
    You may have to buy a newer model every 3-4 years (not everyone can do this, so use this setting to conserve as much battery as possible and to prevent overheat).

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