Advice/Help on my flight!

This summer I am on vacation to Europe! This coming Tuesday I, if everything goes as scheduled, am due to fly from LTN-LIS ! I was wondering if anyone were to be kind enough to track my flight- It takes off at 12:35 and the route is operated by Easyjet! I also would be greatfull if anyone could post comments below of what sort of questions I should ask the pilots if I Get the chance to visit the cockpit on arrival!
Thank Lucas


You should ask the pilot can If you can switch positions with him :)
He can be the pasanger, you can be a pilot. hheehe

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I have flown EASYJET once so I’m not sure if you can talk to them but I hope you enjoy the flight and the possibility of meeting the pilot

My uncle is an Easyjet pilot. I would just ask if you can have a quick look at the end, maybe wait for everybody else to leave so you don’t hold the flow up. They have quick turnarounds but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind ;)

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