Advice for New Pilot Please?

Good Evening to you all

Im looking for some advice please, I have been using Infinite Flight for the past week and I really enjoy it.

One thing Id like some help on is that in Multiplayer the ATC doesnt always talk back to me?

Am I doing something wrong?

For Example Ill request Push Back, No Answer? Ill taxi to runway, Contact Tower for Departure No Answer? If im Approaching and Airport and want to report in, No Answer?

Thanks for your time in reading this.

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This depending on what server you are on. If you are on the Casual server, only Unicom is available. Both the Training Server and the Expert server have actual ATC available.

Are you sure you’re on an airport where there is somebody controlling? It sounds like you were on unicom which is basically self ATC where you are reporting your own position and announcing your actions to other pilots on the same frequency and coordinating yourself in the airspace.

To make sure the airport you’re in or flying in to has someone controlling, tap the airport on the map and see if there is a number beside the airport code, for example KDEN (2) which means that this airport has two controllers controlling. If there’s no number, then there is no ATC and you’ll have to use unicom. Purple colored airport icons indicate airports where there is never ATC and you can only use Unicom.

I suggest you watch this video from the official Infinite Flight youtube channel, Interacting with ATC Tutorial - YouTube

Thank for your advice and replies, I will certainly check out the video. Thank you

Are you sure your not talking to unicom

If you’re requesting pushback it seems like you have to be on live atc. The training server is kind of training for controllers as well as pilots, so it’s good to cut people a break. Not to say you weren’t doing so, but yeah they have a hard job, so sometimes your pushback request might take a little time as they deal with other priorities, maybe that’s the issue

Right, pushback is not a request on Unicom, so it was live ATC.

But, again, ATC on the training server are training as well, so expect some inconsistency.

If you were at a busy airport in SoCal (most everyone is on the training server), the controller can have as many as 20 flashing lights at one time.

I can’t speak for the particular ATC, but when controlling, typically I will make sure everything on Tower is taken care of before doing a mass cleanup of Ground. A pilot at the gate can wait a little longer than airborne pilots in need of sequencing and clearance.

As far as when you’re airborne, back to it being the training server. Some ATC on the training server are better than others.

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