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Hello, I think buy an IF pro this week and before I would have some advices for long haul flights. I’m a controller player and if there is some controller player (PlayStation, Xbox) I would like what do you do for keep on your controller all flight ?

PS: all advices are accepted here. Thanks

I’m not a controller player in any way so can’t give advice on that part but, here are some tips I would personally recommend device wise:

  • Not being in any external view for a long period of time during the flight. Basically recommend cockpit view majority of the flight. Camera pointing down so scenery doesn’t have to be constantly loading in.

  • Turning/Keeping your brightness down.

  • Not maxing out graphics if you are.

  • Not putting your device on something that will make it overhead and shutoff in any way.

Those are some of my personal tips.


That’s not what the topic is about. OP is asking about how to keep the controller on.


As you know, I am a controller player. This is what I do to keep it on: nothing. I have tried putting Tape over a button but it doesn’t work. So basically you can keep your Controller on overnight.

Check out this website: How to Make Xbox Controller Not Turn Off [ ✓ Solved ] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog

Thank you guys for your advice. I learn much more things today :)

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@TheBest what do you do for long haul flight ?

Basically what I do Is I either hit a button on my controller every 10-20 minutes and that will keep it on. If it’s an overnighter, I can’t do anything, so I just get to cruise with the controller on, then I use Autopilot for the rest of the flight. I use VNAV for descent and LNAV for cruise. For landing, I just use APPR. Hope this helps @Jay237

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