Advice for flying the 767 Better

Hello everyone. I need advice on the N1 level for takeoff in the 767-300ER so my plane doesn’t lift off immediately and take a steep climb rate. I plan on flying this plane on 7hour or transcontinental flights when Global comes out for Delta someday. Thanks any advice would be appreciated, V1 speed for 50% load if available would also be helpful, Thanks…

I know I don’t fly the 767 right but I know about landing a 767.I land it around 140 it’s.

Thanks for the advice.

Make sure not to pull up the nose too early. Because the gear sits relatively close to the cg the 767 tends to tailstrike. Rotate when v1 is reached, with 50% I’m not sure. Maybe arouns 135-140kts

N1= below 100%
Throttle less than 80%
Try 70% throttle taking off.

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Don’t engage the trim

I don’t use trim on this aircraft often.

Thank you I will use this advice.

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Thankyou for the advice everyone I will use it on some live flying Tommorow.

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It will be easier to fly after being reworked since it is an old aircraft.

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I think the B767 is one of the easier ‘heavy’ aircraft to fly.

As stated keep throttle to 75-85% for take off, Flaps about 5 and V1 is reached about 145kts. Pull up slowly to 3 degrees to start with at first then slowly increase to about 6 degrees for climb out. 250kts till 10,000 and then 305 / M0.82 up to cruise!

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I advice is not to fly…

Like David_Lockwood said, the 767 is one of the most easier airplanes to fly. Just dont take off @ 100% throtle. Same thing goes to the 757.

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Thank you for all your advice.

You can wait for the 767 update. You’ll fly waaaayy better.

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Is it due to be done then

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Thank you.

You shouldn’t takeoff with 100% on any aircraft.

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This plane os extremely great possibly pne of the best when it comes to physics of the plane as far as the game goes. Take off speed should be about 158 kts or less. I dont know exact. Landing speed is about 140 kts with about 60% trim. Leave the throttle set until touchdown. This is what allows me to have extremely smooth landings and takeoffs.