Advice for a long haul flight (JFK-PEK)

I’ll be flying on an Air China 744 from JFK to PEK on 7/31/18. Anyone have any advice for this trip? It’ll be my first flight over 10+ hours since 2014.

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This is also my first time flying on Air China. Anyone know about the cabin and passenger experience?

Drink a LOT. That’s all I’ll say.


First of all,enjoy the 744. Rare plane these days, second,bring a small bag that contain anything you need.third,go to the toilet before boarding the plane.fourth,preparw your own ife

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I tend to get a lot of nosebleeds when flying to China; I drink a lot of water, yet this issue still persists. Anyone know a good solution?

Back in indonesia we have a lot of betel leaf, and thats help a lot with nose bleed…

You sure its going to be a 744? Air China operates 2x daily service PEK-JFK one on a 748 and one on a 77W. If it is a 744, then you are one lucky person since Air China doesn’t typically use them for Long hauls due to their age.

I checked, and it appears to me that you are flying Air China 982, which departs around 5. Your best bet is to eat a meal, then head straight to bed. Take pictures, too, since it’s going to be in daylight and a 748/744’s wing is absolutely stunning. Bring snacks just in case you dont like the food on the plane. Stay hydrated, drink water whenever you can, and most importantly, stay safe.

I’m going to be flying JFK-ICN on the 8th so I think my advice would help you a little bit

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Oh and one thing that i forgot to tell you, get an aisle seat… for long haul its better to get a aisle seat becuase you can stretch your legs at anytime

Yep, checked seatguru

Hmm, strange, dont know why CA has decided to use a 744. Checked air chinas site to see, and all it said was “equipment change” so you may just be right. Lucky you, CA never uses these on LH’s

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