Advertising IFES, the best VA out there!

Hello guys!
So, I’m the Orientation Manager of the IFES (Infinite Flight Escort Service) and I’d like to tell you guys about this awesome VA.
So, what is IFES?
IFES basically eliminates boring flights and offers you a bunch of pilots who are willing to fly with you!
No more boring self flights, join IFES, be placed in your squad and you’re set!
IFES gives a totally new meaning to IF, you are now part of a team of fellow pilots who like you, want to get the most out of IF (especially for those of you who paid for Live, to get your money’s worth).
IFES also has positions for those without IF Live so no one mises out on the experience.
-Moshe, Orientation Manager.
(please place a reply below if you’d like to join)


Sound good, I changed it to VA for ya

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What’s an Orientation manager?


Thanks! @Hankthegamer, would you like to join?

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I help with recruitment and set up the newcomers in their squads and give them info about the systems.


Whats the idea after this VA i didnt get it

Its a way of doing group flights with fellow members @Yousef_Baalbaki y

Yeah o know what escorting means but this what it is all about. I like escorting planes during events its very nice

Well, you also have squads, trainings and personal escorts. Would you like to join?? @Yousef_Baalbaki

you already have a lot of topics in the forum. Try bumping other topics to save this one being closed.

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You already have a lot of topics on IFES. Try using those instead


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