Advertising Guidelines

Hey all,

Question about the guidelines surrounding advertising on the forum, if I advertise a service for VA’s is it allowed? I am aware that discord advertising is banned, but what about other types.


Your not allowed to advertise VA’s or discord

What about services for VA’s like advertising a PIREP system

Hey Sam!

I think it really depends on the type of service you are looking to put out. If you are looking to put out a service such as an app or even something like a crew center manager or creator, I’m pretty sure you are more than welcome to do so if it will improve the betterment of someone’s VA experience. You can check out such things in the #thirdparty section!

This is for the sake of understanding, not advertisement, but take a look at Map Connect for example, they are a service that provides a connection to IF for joystick users via their app, and are completely fine to make a thread and promote that if they wish to do so, which they have.

Hope I’ve been of assistance to you, have a nice day!


Yes, if you’re providing a service to the virtual airline, you would probably wanna run it by a moderator first (use @moderators) they will tell you the exact guidelines, but if you’re providing the service similar to the VA base, you should be fine


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