Advertisement banner

Ohoh adverts will eat the forums!



It is gone for me now

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Uploading mate

Probably Philippe is coding the CSS to a small banner

Noooo! Why would this happen?

Gone for me too :)
@philippe maybe should create an official topic with advert and telling us to buy IF t-shirts :)

Does it still appear

I had it.refreshed the page and it disappeared

Testing a way to include a link to our swag … The goal is to make it not distracting or annoying.


That’s a good goal lol

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FDSwag is beautiful! Hope to be able to buy the larger swag from Switzerland

I’ve never had one of those banners. @philippe does FDS sell scale models?


I want a T-shirt for my birthday! thats what I’ve asked my friends for!
A new logo Infinite Flight T-Shirt and an Older logo one (I like the older logo)

I don’t have one!

You are a bit late sir
It was removed seconds after i create this topic

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I wish. It has been talked about but i don’t believe anything has come to fruition.

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I see my thread in there. sadly its now locked…

It would be a grest boost for IF’s name. Their livery on an A320 in 1:144 would be great.

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