Adventurous trip! Pittsburgh to Little Rock

Hello IFC. Recently I went to Pittsburgh, PA to see my sister for a day since I haven’t seen her in a while. The route of flight I would take to get there is Little Rock to Charlotte to Pittsburg. All of those flight were on time and went smooth. Once I landed, she picked me up and went to get some food, have a few drinks and hangout. That lasted for about 4-5 hours and then it was time to go home and relax since I had to be up at 530am the next day. Well, I ended up passing out and sleeping a full 10 hours.

The next day comes around and I’m up bright and early at 530am. I get dressed and we are out the door by 6. We get to the airport around 645 and I go through security and by 7 I am walking toward my gate. My flight leaves at 850 so I stop and get some breakfast. At 820 we started to board and since I fly standby, I got my boarding pass just before they boarded and unfortunately didn’t get first class but got an aisle seat. We took off and it was a quick hour flight down to Charlotte. Now, this is were the fun begins. I have myself booked on a direct flight to Little Rock from Charlotte but it’s oversold so I go to the gate agent and see what’s open. She tells me that I could go to Chicago and then on top Little Rock so, that’s what I did. The only problem, the Chicago Flight was delayed until 330pm so I had about 5 hours to kill. So I got lunch (Panda Expressed) and lounged around the airport. Finally it was time to board my flight to Chicago on board the 737-800 and luckily enough, I got first class. I enjoyed my Dr. Pepper and my Brownie Brittle. It was bumpy the whole flight so we were constantly changing altitudes. We got in about 445 (time change) and parked at the gate. Since my Little Rock Flight didn’t leave until 8:50pm (8:30 boarding) I get again had a lot of time to kill. So I got dinner and found a nice spot in the L terminal to hangout. The flight was full, (I was one of two standbys to get on the flight) but I happened to get a nice first class seat out of it on the E-175 Jet. Shortly there after we deleted Chicago and on the way to Little Rock. I enjoyed once again, some Dr Pepper and some brownie brittle. We landed at 1030 local time and I was home around 1145. Thank you for reading my very Adventurous day of flying on standby.


Ayy, that’s the Oasis 737 First Class.

It was quite nice. I was super surprised

Nice pictures! Thank You for the effort of describing the trip :D

I have a feeling the title will summon @KPIT

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Thanks! It was quite the trip and flying day yesterday

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Errmm, yea that was interesting. Anyway, nice pictures! 😊

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Passing out meaning I’m so tired I fell asleep instantly

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Wow, that airport is LIT!

From LIT to the PIT

Great topic


Out of curopsoty why the routing PIT CLT to ORD? Seems slow, did the time just work out?

EDIT: I actually read it, sorry, hope you had fun 😂

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All the flights from Charlotte to Little Rock were full so I had to find others ways home

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