Adventures's Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Heya! Welcome to @Adventures 's tracking thread :D! I’m still new to this so if I mess up in the formatting of this I’m sorry.

                            Open @ KDAL

It would be preferable if you could remain in the pattern but please file a flight plan before pushback.

                      Thread Status & Info

Status: Closed
Airport: KDAL
Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Server: Training
Runways: 31L,31R


Tag me next time, porfavor.

Sure thing!

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tag me next time, also pls update the thread to closed

Sure thing! Also uhh…I have updated it to closed-

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I’m back lol! I have decided to try and start again.

Closed @ KDAL

Runways: 31R, 31L

tags: @Ezzie , @1MASYBTGS

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Closed @ KDAL

Runways: 31R/31L

Tags: @Ezzie , @1MASYBTGS

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Forgot I had this. @moderators could you please close this?

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