Adventure time

¡Hola amigos!
I had an idea while I was bored to “buy” an F18. So the story is I’m an ex-navy fighter pilot that is extremely rich and looking to blow all the money in the bank. So one day I had free time and decided to make this idea a reality, I hopped in my limo and drove down to Oceana Naval base where I picked up my new toy straight from the hands of Miles Teller. I brought enough stuff to go for a few days trip in it so I headed out.

First leg was KNTU-MZBZ for a little vacation, the next flight was a little play around in the skies of Belize and do some short runway testing. Next I flew from MZBZ back home to KHPN where this planes home is.

Just a few little details of this adventure

  1. I have to start at the last place I ended
  2. Nothing too unrealistic
  3. Callsign and registration is N42DJ
  4. If you want to join me on a flight I do them pretty much nightly, PM me to know more.
cool stuff

My private F18
Cruised between FL039-43
M 0.99 or as fast as possible

Anywho, to my slightly edited photos




Someone say Adventure 👀?


That was an amazing deal, missiles included and everything👌🏽😄

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Now I don’t think a civil F-18 would have two 9X missiles on the wings but great pics & story line.

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the aggressor livery is the closest to a private livery so i just gotta make do

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