'Adventure 01' | Delta Virtual @ YSSY -102200ZFEB17

Come join Delta Virtual Airlines as we invite you to an event! We ask that you follow all directions given out by the ATC. All infinite flight rules are to be followed (ex. Taxi on taxi lines, Go ground speed, Do not over speed, etc.). Details are as below:

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY-YSCB

Aircraft: Any Commercial Aircraft

Time: 2200Z

Date: 2/10/17

NOTAM: YSSY-YSCB will be at FL180 and will be traveling at 320KIAS. FPL will be made by DLVA288 (@Gavin_Hertel) and is to be copied at YSSY

Photo Credit @CaptJackson

Spots (request a spot):
Gate 2-01:
Gate 2-02:
Gate 2-03:
Gate 2-04:
Gate 2-05:
Gate 2-06:
Gate 2-07:
Gate 2-08:
Gate 2-09:
Gate 2-10:
Gate 2-11:
Gate 2-12:



seems nice, have fun!

Have fun guys from Air France Virtual!

Hey @Gavin_Hertel, do we still have gates? Assign me one please, thanks!

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I will take a gate too

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