Advancing to Captain after grade 5.

It would be cool to have something to try for after grade 5. Maybe add to what it takes to reach grade 5 to become an IF Captain.


Then it would make it more of a “game”


I personally dislike this idea. 5 is enough for me. As @Riley_Dunshea said, then it would be more of a “game” with levels rather than a grading system.


First off, it is a game. Ive never heard of a real pilot thats been given a grade of 1-5, so by introducing real terminology, it would make it less like a game. Also it would give us expert pilots something more to go for.

Infinite Flight isn’t a game. It’s a Mobile Flight simulator - personally the best one around. If you were to say that to Matt or Philippe, they would give you a gob full. This is a very bad idea, a very very bad idea. Realistically, the developers are trying to gain more “realistic, serious simmers” than the average “gamer”. They’re basically overhauling everything - Aircraft, Regions and also Logos (Like the new Modern, Mature logo and livery design to come in future!)

Grades help with Infinite Flight too, as you may know there are a lot of peanuts around everywhere. The grades help, by different status’ to get to that grade. Which means, if you’re a peanut, you wear a white tag, and belong on FF or PG. If you need some help “Please Check Help pages for assistance”

No need to get upset or mad, this is just an honest opinion.


Im sorry, its a “Mobile Flight Simulator Game”. So by your logic, a more modern and realistic logo is more important than realistic terminology? I doubt the developers care who is playing their game, as long as people are paying for it and not attempting to download it illegally.

I don’t want to argue with those who call it a game. It isn’t a game! It’s a flight simulator! by your logic you sound like you want to ruin it for everybody. This isn’t a game, it’s a serious flight simulator. There have even comments from the developers saying that it’s a flight simulator, and they want it to be realistic as possible, updating all aircraft, regions and even the logo and livery design is a step forward in the maturity of IF. This is an unrealistic and not a professional idea. Don’t argue with me, I am saying my opinion. End of Story.


A more modernised logo, such as the current one brings a feeling of professionalism and seriousness. The previous logos provided that this was more of a “game”, not what it was. I suggest if you want to move this on, drop me a PM and I will say what I honestly think.

To be on topic, I don’t like it. Bad idea.

@Maxmustang what do you think of this idea?

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@RaptorKing, this is turning into chaos. To help decide our differences. This is the last from me in this thread, but therefore I suggest a poll to help if it’s a Yes! or No!

  • Yes, great Idea!
  • No, not realistic. I don’t want it.

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@Captain_DJ… Max Sez… DJ, I’m hesitant to weigh in since an “Expert” pilot (in his opinion) floated this thread. Different strokes for different folks. I’m completely satisfied with the present state of the IF Universe. In my tenured experience every update has pushed IF closer to perfection. I’d defer to FDS on this innovation. Careful, As you leave this thread, don’t trip on the peanut shells cast about.


True Max, I understand. But to be honest, I’m a Grade 5. Worked to get over 330 hours and over 250000XP. I don’t want much of a reward for reaching Grade 5, the Lemon Meringue coloured tag is enough for me. Better things to stress over than these little hiccups!


Im not arguing with you and I havent been mad since the 90’s. Nowhere in the OP did i mention a certificate, i just meant going to Captain after grade 5.

Actually you mentioned a certificate in the title, but look.

Getting Grade 5 seems to look like as some kind of reward to some, but in all seriousness it isn’t. I don’t want more for being a 5 than to someone who is considered a 1. The only thing I want about being a Grade 5 is keeping my flying consistent. The Lemon Meringue coloured tag is enough for me. At the end of the day, we still have one thing in common - Infinite Flight & Aviation



I thought this was the last for you? Certification,as in moving up from grade 5. Not given a certificate.

There always needs to be something more to try for. When there is nothing more to achieve, people will stop playing.

Then what is the feature category for? To talk about features already in the game? No it’s to throw out new ideas to improve the experience.

Clearly, there is a dispute between whether IF is a simulator or a game. Take all discussions (and arguments) to this thread:

Furthermore, since this has created so much backlash, I would advise against this idea (Sorry, raptorking). However if this proves to be a good idea (to Matt and Phillipe and the others), this reasoning (And backlash) ultimately doesn’t matter. Therefore, move this discussion to the aforementioned thread, please. Also, I would recommend constructive criticism (DJ, please).

Dont apologize for not liking an idea, I understand not liking or agreeing with it, it just bothers me when someones reasoning behind something makes absolutely no sense.

Yes. As I have stated, the topic already exists (And the current discussion/argument got off topic).