Lol sorry I got clearance before you

Make some 360 and wait for me XD

Alright I’ll slow down so when you get to 10k speed

I slowed to 200 you should catch up

Roger that

Great flight

It was fun haha :)

I’ll fly again later but I have to let my phone cool it makes my phone got when I do a full flight

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I’m going to bed. It was nice flying with you today. See you in the skies of Infinite Flight ;)

Alright see you in the clouds

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Yeah man I got ghosted once because I wasn’t paying attention to my speed and I stalled and tried to recover from it then at the same time ATC was giving me instructions and I couldn’t follow them because of the stall recovery.

Me it was my first flight so I was an advanced peanut and was confused but I’m fine now I have 2 successful landing under my belt so far in advance more soon


Message any Advanced controller if you want any tips or have questions Ryan . // Supervisor


Thanks tom I have a few I getting a little used to it know after those first 2 you can even see me in a picture someone took and put on the community members spotted post

MaxSez: The Controller is not always right! The Pilot in Command is the decision maker. This “Stay on my Freq” is bogus, it fact it’s a warning, obey or get ghosted. Until there are Pilot friendly interrogatories and “Unable” is an accepted term and not a ghosting invitation these type incidents will continue.
The only Pilots recourse at this time is punch out since there is no command available to brake off an approach to reset up or go to an alternate. Suck it up, the IF ATC game plays by house rules in favor of the house.

We can’t ghost you for that. We just get very upset.

Interesting DJ, Been Ghosted a few time, a few because I change Freq after attempting to depart the pattern with an “Unable”. Guess I’ll have to test your guidance soon. Regards, Max

Oh hold on Max, I misunderstood. I thought you meant “request frequency change”.

You’ve got to use what we have to convey your punch out or we have no idea what your doing. The only time you should receive a stay on my frequency is if you have asked for an approach that hasn’t been cleared for and you request frequency Change. If you request it before the hand off point we have determined between center and approach. To punch out for you Max break off by going VFR or change your flight following to your alternate airport. Controllers can and will ghost for changing without permission unless switching from tower,

Long story, bottom line on VFR approach , wanted to change destination and go to an alternate due to stability issue, when under Approach control. No Appropriate brake off comm msg. Requested aDeparture to ((Direction) Plus Freq Change, Controllers response Stay on my Freq, my response Unable, Ghosted! Not a novel situation. I lost this one in PM Court. Havant been ghosted since I changed call signs. Maybe MaxMustang was a trigger. LOL.


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