Brandon he has told me what I did wrong and I’ll try to learn from it my bad


So… What was your question?

How to avoid getting ghosted

Follow instructions, always

I got marked down for something totally my fault and I don’t want it to happen again

Can you fly right now on advance server?

I got ghosted for sending the wrong command to atc to be fair it was busy but I didn’t know it was the wrong command(was my first flight it was my fault)

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, don’t feel bad because of this incident. You did the right thing by creating this post and asking for tips before you flew on the advanced server!

I had my first successful landing afterwards at advanced while also seeing misha

You saw Superman, nice :)
Do you want to fly?

I have to find a charger currently at 15% I can go for a flight rn

Ok, come to PHNL, I’m at Gate 15

Alright my callsign is CVA13

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Mine is TSJU

I’m comibg

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Where are you I’m here bow

Where are you?

There we go XD

Your there follow me and copy my fpl

Roger that, you disapered