hi guys ryan or nuoneswars here any tips for people new to advanced i grinded a lot (no violations helps to) and i just wanna know what different besides the lack of peanuts in advanced


The ATC can ghost you.

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i dont plan on getting ghosted could to know though

  • The active region changes daily
  • ATC are trained and will correctly control
  • More realistic
  • Ghosting (removal procedure) for pilots messing around / not following instructions

thanks cj i have seen u a lot in forums


im currently flying unde rcallsign CVA13 in hawaii in a cessna citaion X

ive noticed how smoove the atc are

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guys help honululu approach wont let me switch to tower even if im in towers airspace what do i do

He would tell you when to change, don’t worry

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im invisble because i got reported … i listend to atc instruction what i do wring

Who was the ATC?

it was honolulu approach who kept giving me weird heading which was not the way i was going then told me to stay on his frequency the whole time so tower ghosted me

it said something along the line sof players reported you or something bgut i did nothiing wrong i just listened to the atc and did what he said

im just sad because thatr was my first advacned flight

Always do what approach says, his job is to “centralized” you with the runway. Contact @Maxwell291 via PM to know what you did wrong.

it was glenmaxwell it wasnt there fault i just wanna know what i did wrong that who approsvh was

Please PM me or any other recruiter or Mod to resolve the issue or PM the controller in question directly.

im not mad at the controller i just wanna know what i did wrong sand how i can improve

Right so PM them

i just did thank’s

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