Advanced Server

Guys the advanced server was seriously the best. I got vectored by approach(after the previous flight), and had ATC who knew what they were doing. However because of my inexperience with heavy winds, I used APPR.


Glad you enjoyed:)

Glad you liked it! :) We put in a lot of effort to make your experience the best! Where is this? :)

FNF on Hawaii(final on Honululu)

I’m at PHOG right now, if you wanna stop by! :)

Sorry my flight was 20-30 min long…Thank you tho

I think I was your approach. Thanks for coming!

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Nice that you hade Fun I think (I am sure)
That the whole IFATC group want to make pilots happy and give a good service

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ATC was brilliant for my flight; they coped well with all the jets requesting take off “22nd in line”. You won’t have known it was me flying because of my normal callsign…

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@Freddiefrogs, “Fly with our airline today, going advanced during FNF gives so many delays” I say make the passengers put up with Great British mysteries, and also my favourite Judge Judy. Never kill the sheriff son :-)