Advanced Server South Florida Region Open [Closed]

The South Florida region is open on the advanced server!

We chose to open this one for a change from the Southern California and London Regions that have been open a lot lately!

Hope you appreciate the change!

Happy Flying this Christmas Eve!

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As it stands currently

KMIA, KFLL, KSRQ and KTPA are open with ATC services!

Probably gonna fly in now. Where are you controlling?

I am at KMIA tower and ground

I’m at Fort Lauderdale. Come along!

Getting busier by the minute!

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Someone come join me at KFLL. I’m bored.

Coming on, trying to fly and moderate an FSX livestream at the same time


RUNWAYS 12 and 09 are being used for departures.

@Harry_Morris is on Approach and using 08L and 08R for arrivals!

Getting even busier! Come and fly!

Will be coming back to you in about 440nm. Take a look at my FPL

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KMIA is closed, thanks to all who came!

Hello, friendly reminder. Please be aware when there is more than one approach frequency in the same region. This evening I took off in Sarasota and was transferred to one approach frequency (which started to give vectors to my destination airport). I was then contacted by the other approach frequency and passed back and forth before eventually being ghosted by one or the other. I’d give more details if I didn’t rage quit.

I make it a point to always follow ATC instructions, in this case that wasn’t possible.