Advanced Server Singapore tonight. Thanks!

just a quick note to say thanks to those guys running Singapore Approach, tower and ground tonight on the advanced server. Fantastic service and great teamwork. Also thanks to all the other pilots who obeyed ATC and helped to make it a really enjoyable experience!


( yes I was in an A380 ;-) )


I was on the advanced server at 10:20 PM Zulu and whoever is operating the approach is not professional. I had a 1 hour flight going to Singapore but he reported me a violation. Please be nicer to pilots please!

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You must have been unlucky. Was online at the same time and the apr was very professional.

You wouldn’t have got a violation from ATC, you only get that if you go to fast as it is an automatic violation. ATC can ghost you if you are not following instructions though I only heard a few call outs for that tonight.

Did you hear The call sign N849NB?

Meanwhile I just finished a flight on the noob server where I didnt even get one chance to take off or land with only me on the runaway 😂


Thanks! I had a lot of fun working there! However I had a lot of go arounds because aircraft wouldn’t get off the runway in time.


what was your call sign?



😂😂😂 don’t start that crap lol


N849NB Is my call sign

Thank you! I was at WSSS for an hour and a half tonight.

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Where you in an Ethid A340 ?

Someone using one of those using a generic call sign pushed ahead of me at KL, entered straight on to 14R and took off without using Unicom to announce instructions. If that was you then that is one way to pick up reports from other users…

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I think he might of got used to Freeflight 😊


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