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Is there any particular reason why I was told to go to the red runway?

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In cases where the wind is less than 10 knots, it is perfectly fine to use a red runway. Sometimes, people can get confused about the misnomer that a red runway automatically means closed, but I can assure you that it is not the case.

Traffic seems to be revolving around the usage of 35 and 30. If the wind was blowing so hard that the usage of those runways were rendered moot, then it would take time for the controller to switch the runways, especially with everybody using those two.

Yes, a tailwind is not exactly ideal to operate with, but as long as it isn’t severe or blowing more 10+ knots, in which it would take considerably more time for the aircraft to gather enough speed to depart, the usage of that direction would be perfectly fine.

Consider this- airports such as ATL, ORD, LHR, and so forth can’t keep chasing the runways every time the wind shifts. If the wind’s speed is strong enough to warrant the change of runway direction, then the controllers will do it, slowly but surely. If the wind is within safe limits, however, trying to shuffle hundreds of planes around will take quite a while and may hamper with on-time operations with little gain.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks!

(P.S- PMing the controller in question would be handy, especially since he can explain to you what occurred. Thanks!)


@CallmeDJ “Mad Max Sends” you to the Personal Message Format to discuss your issue with the Controller responsible for the decision which is the preferred procedure. I believe no further discussion is required! End

(The 10 mph wind argument is specious and an IF expedient. The most effective way to settle this recurring IF ATC “Problem” is to remove the red/blue color coding from all runways. The key factor is aircraft type in the inbound flow.)

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Sorry about this, I had planes lined and landing on 35 because it was open. However due to wind conditions the runways swapped and I wouldn’t make a full runway change until most of the planes ere clear of the airport. There is no point detouring every plane when everyone is already lined up either to land or takeoff. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Any further issues or if you don’t understand exactly what I mean feel free to PM me. 😀

Appreciate the response. By no means was I attempting to come off aggressive or anything. Just figured someone would provide a reasonable response. Thanks!!

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Appreciate the detailed response… Just didn’t make sense at the time with all the traffic lining up on the other runway.

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