Advanced Server Region

I was wondering how often is the region used changed. Is it monthly, every 3 months, every couple of weeks? When I got Infinite Flight I noticed all the ATC’s were in Australia. Now, London is active all the time. Should I expect a change in scenery any time soon?

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Yes but the most active are Hawaii, London, Amsterdam region and south Florida

We change everyday. If not one time even two times per day, but there are some regions which are less used I must say.

Like Paris, Seattle, Oshkosh, Chicago, New York, North Carolina and San Francisco.


I see, my thing is I feel like I dont see much action on advanced in a free region. Unless its for a FNF, is this an attempt to keep off those pilots that act up in PG and Free Flight?

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No, I don’t think anyone chooses a paid region just too keep nimrods off. Nor do I know why people tend to choose paid regions.

Though I can’t say that we aren’t controlling in free regions, because we sure are doing that.

I would love to experience the organization of the Advanced Server, trust me. But I dont have London, I bought 4 others so far and I was trying to see if there was going to be a shift in region any time soon. I bought the Caribbean and New York thinking they were going to be popular and heavily used.

Well that’s unfortunate. New York is used pretty rarely buy Caribbean is a used region for sure.

PS. You do not have to have all regions to be part of the advanced ATC crew ;)

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I caved and bought London

Hawaii,s. Cal, Seattle,London, Caribbean and s Florida are good regions. We tend to go where there are more bravo airports. Oshkosh is too small, New York is too close together, Paris is…well Paris sucks

Maybe you should use Paris, to make it look useful at least.

Personally if Caribbean had Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico; I would be in there all day

No proper airport layouts for most airports. (Class B/C/D). Don’t blame us :P


Reasons why OSH,SFO,Paris and other’s aren’t used.

SFO is to small of a region for the amount of traffic we see.
OSH doesn’t have many airports to open.
Paris idk why this isn’t open more.
New York is used probably 2-3 times a month.
Southern California. Every time I have opened something in this region I feel like I’m back in the playground with the amount of people not following instructions and doing silly things.
Australia is open probably 2-3 times a month as well it was open a majority of the weekend.
Chicago the same 2-3 times a month.
NC same 2-3 times a month or so another one that was open this past weekend.

London is open to often!


What about Australia, CHicago, NC?

Because its too small.

I´d follow you, its nice being guided by an ATC.

We open these a lot. Aus, Chi, NC are seldom opened.

I have to agree with Brandon. While we love it when SoCal gets busy, it does come with a price of people not following directions. That leads to ghosting and complaining online. If there’s not a lot of traffic the controllers will coordinate and open a new region. If there is traffic we will go where there is traffic. Sometimes we open a new region to see if flights follow. This goes back to the request to use flight plans when possible so we can staff the correct airports.

Unless you are just doing patterns, it all comes down to how many and how close together the controlled airports are. People love SoCal because you have KNUC, KSAN, KLAX, KONT, and KPSP all spread out where you get the chance to get up to cruising altitude.

Since I have become ATC, London and Amsterdam have been popular. They have a good number of spread out airports and the weather can make for some interesting landings. They are worth the price in my opinion.


BTW you guys need to start making flight plans have you looked at the stats now that we can see them. 25% file plans from what I’ve seen that’s just ridiculous.