Advanced Server Practical Practice

Server: ATC Playground
Region: Singapore
Airport: WSSS Singapore Intl
445 GMT to 600 GMT

Pattern work is appreciated! Please leave comments on what went well, and where I need improvement.

When are you starting ?

I’m on now!

Alright on my way !

Callsign will be BATMAN Super

I will join?

try and not to clear too soon, but nice re-sequence of me #2

We’re you corporate ?

yes i am …

You had some mistakes
1-After i was cleared for the option i requested inbound for landing and you cleared me for the option not that its wrong but cleared to land would of been better.
2-after i touched down you should’ve told me exsit runway when able and contact ground to avoid me having to say request frequency change.

Cool i was the B773ER,BATMAN Super :)

I didn’t understand that you wanted the full stop, and thought you were doing a touch and go again. That is why I was late with my exit runway instructions! Thank you for the feedback!

Am coming for more !

@Boodz_G “Cleared for the option” includes a landing, so Logan did nothing wrong; you’re supposed to change frequency by your own if don’t get the exit runway command.

I requested inbound for landing and not for the option

option covers Full stop, & T & G and even a low pass

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I thought that I cleared your for the landing and not the option?


Not this time,the one before it,i requested inbound to land and you said cleared for the option.

That was my mistake then. My game froze up when you are on final so I can’t check my log.