Advanced Server Plea

Folks, when you’re on approach or waiting for takeoff on the advanced server, and the controllers disappear, please, I’m begging you, be respectful of the flight paths of others.

I had a lovely flight from KLAX, was vectored by SoCal approach to KSAN, and before I could be handed off to the tower, all of the stations closed. We move to unicom and suddenly nobody knows how to fly anymore.

I want to especially thank Turkish 309 for landing 1/4 mile behind me and Air India 999 Heavy for the runway incursion when I was on short final.

PLEASE guys, be patient and maintain a safe distance. You ruin it for the rest of us when you do these things.


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@AviationJunkie, you love to troll around on this board and call people out all day long (you just did it to me). I don’t see a problem with calling people out when they’re on the advanced server. My opinion is that it should be “Advanced” all of the time, not just when people feel like it. Besides, that was far from “lashing out”.

Now, on a practical level, it would be awesome if a person could get violations for runway incursions when someone is on short final, or for following too closely. I can’t imagine what that would involve from a programming standpoint, but something like that would help people be a little more patient I think.


@jasonrosewell, @aviationjunkie is not a troll. Sometimes he may be harsh but that doesn’t make him a troll. He’s a very active and wise member of the forum, the opposite of a troll!

I hope you don’t take this as an insult. This is meant to be informative, not demeaning or being “mean”.

Best, Boeing707

@Boeing707 not offensive at all. I know, he’s very active and that’s great - trolling wasn’t the right word. I do find his posts to be on the harsh side, and nobody Iikes to be scolded publicly. I also expect “little kids” flying on the advanced server to at least pay a little attention to what’s going on. I shouldn’t be surprised at his post though. I was sarcastic and frustrated in my post and he called me on it.

My apologies to @AviationJunkie. Guys, I try to squeeze in some flying when I can during my day, and sometimes I literally don’t have time for a go-around. That’s when it’s extra frustrating when people decide to ignore all the rules when the controllers leave.

I wonder if the rest of us who love following protocol would be a bit more active in reporting users (since 2 of us are still required to ghost someone) on the advanced server, it would encourage people to fly properly. If you’re in line for takeoff and notice someone turning on to the runway when someone’s on short final, report them. Surely the person who’s being inconvenienced would also report them.

Happy landings (or runway incursions if that’s your thing).

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There used to be an “Expert Server” where you could get ghosted for any kind of mistake in the interaction between pilots and controllers. However the devs quickly took it down because about 80% people got ghosted for requesting frequency changes when holding short of a runway :smile:


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I’m confused then - I’ve been encouraged to share names in the past.

No hate here. Sarcasm is my love language. I’ll tone it down, but just note that I’m not complaining about how people “aren’t doing as I please”. These are basics. I’m not perfect either but pulling out onto the runway while someone is on short final is so obnoxious! I know what you’ll say… “some are kids/they just don’t know any better/etc”. But can we agree that it would be nice if we had an area to fly around where people at least tried to be safe or knew the basics?

shrug - I certainly love this game and the community is wonderful. Again, I realize my sarcasm was misplaced. And maybe there’s no answer.

By the way, if an actual mod wants to correct me here, please do! I don’t think @AviationJunkie is a mod, unless I’m mistaken. Is calling out goons and nimrods by their call sign okay?

so afterall this comunity is not good to fix any kind of issue aswell! i am sure everything is perfect and always there is an excuse! but sometime problems needs to be fixed!

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Name removed, but due to all of your quoting, it’s still all over the place. You should probably leave the moderating to the moderators.

Also, think about sending someone a PM when you want to correct them. Healthy debates are one thing. Instructing when you’re not an instructor is typically not well received.

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There may have been confusion at first but here’s how it should be: If a pilot or controller somehow disturbs your flight it is best to PM them. You saw they were in IFFG, that means they have a Facebook account and can be PM’d through Messenger or via web. I totally agree with you that you were right and those pilots were obnoxious. Sadly that’s just how it is. People don’t obey when they know they can get away with it.

Could a suggestion be to raise the amount of XP needed to enter the Advanced sever?

@Swang007 thanks for the comments. I’ll definitely try that. I didn’t have much to go on with names - really only call signs. But yes - will do. Thanks!

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