Advanced Server - open access Observer

All Pilots and ATC have to understand the serious of the Advanced Server… Why not open all 100%-Standing usernames to see Advanced ATC operations to see and learn the good things to do in ATC?


Yes, I agree

I actually quite like this idea. Would be cool as a controller to then see how many people are observing you.


And then you want to see the screen of the ATC?
For now if you want to learn the IFATC has a Nice video to learn sesquense
And if you fly pattern on a airport you also can learn from the controller


You could learn heaps more about controlling though eg. seeing people’s reactions.

You can probably tune into Tower at an active Airport with permission from the controller and listen to what we use. That’s what @bill28066 and @ChiefPilotLachy did.

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Yes dush was my advance ATC controller,I was on ground log onto the tower freq and learn every single command that dush gave while he was on tower controlling,u will learn alot in that way but of course u have to get the controller approval to do so.


I like this idea, you can show off your skills and learn. But the aircraft will have to remain clear of all taxi ways

Now 100% = Grade 3?