Advanced Server not accessible

I really don’t understand what’s happening in joining advance server. I reached 10.000 xp and standing 100%. I really want to enter that server because I’m real pilot I don’t want to be in ATC playground. I don’t have any violations at all. I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Do you mean to say that you can’t acces the Advanced Server?

Yes man I don’t know why

What exactly happens when you try to acces the Advanced Server? Does it say you need to be Grade 3?

Maybe you did some violation?do some touch and go in pg and wait 24 h.

Hey Diego, Make sure you meet all of the Criteria for access to the advanced server

Min XP: 10,000
Min Flight Time: 10 hrs
Min Landing Count: 50
Max Reports (Last 24h): 1
Max Reports (Last 7 days): 3
Max Violations (Last 24h): 3
Max Violations (Last 7 days): 10
Min Flight Time (Last 90 days): 1
Min Landing: (Last 90 days): 3

You can find your stats here :)

Sir its says that I have standing of 0% and I actually have 100%
Also, it says that my last flight was in July and my last flight was just an hour ago.


and that one says another thing

Yes man excatly.

It appears from that screenshot you have 32 landings.

You need 50 to fly on the advanced served

Hence why it says you need to be grade 3

Yes but it says that I have standing 0%. And that’s not true man. Look at my screenshot of my infinite flight it says that I have 100%. I just need to get 50 landings?

Do 18 more landings and you will be able to fly advanced. Assuming you don’t get more than 3 violations in the process