Advanced Server - Grade Update

That’s the wrong Matt

It says 1 ghost in the past 24hr! Please check this^

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@dush19 they all went from grade 2 to grade one and no one knows those requirements

I just tried adv today for the first time and a message also told me that im in grade 2 and i need grade 3 to be in the server.

I have just reached 10k xp and 100%standing but way little hours on the flight time.

Not too sure about how this grade goes about =(

I am trying to play in the ATC playground and it lets me in but then after it maids it says you have a grade of one and need a grade of two. I have played it all the time and this just randomly happend. Also how do i get to grade 2.

@Andrew_Preiss @GeckoJet
Check these posts:

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I just passed 10000, with a standing of 100%, but can’t access the advanced server.

How can I get a look at my stats to see where I come up short?
Check this


If you’re asking why you aren’t on Advanced, look at your standing…


C’est nul se que vous avez fais on peut plus accéder au serveur ni à la tour de controle je désapprouve cette idée


Grade of 1 here says I need a grade of 2 required to fly live… what gives? 37h52m standing 95% XP 36,414

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Man, as the guy said look at your standing…72% will not get you on advanced with that…100% is required

Long story short, get standing and don’t violate the rules.

Hello fellow pilots, how can I get grade 3? I already have more than 10.000 Xp and 100 standing. But it still says that I can’t get into the server because of the grade. And also, what do I have to do to be an ATC controller in that server? Thank you all.

Cap. Diego.

Do you have any violations in the last 3 days?

No man I don’t have any violations

And are you wanting to be a controller in the Advanced server (Grade 3)? If so:

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I wonder how long it takes for a grade to rise up after ghost