Advanced Server ATC

Hi gang,

I want to preface this with the fact that I took the written ATC test but failed with a silly question I didn’t read carefully enough - just in case anyone wants to call me out for making ATC suggestions ;)

I expect this on the playground, but on the Advanced server, I’ve had tower controllers jump the gun and ask me to do things before they even know my intentions. I realize they can do what they want, but for example, I do as i’m told and I don’t contact the tower until first in line for takeoff (this also helps if ground wants to give me additional taxi instructions). Just as I switch to tower i’m asked to line up and wait, then cleared for takeoff before I’ve even said whether I want to do pattern work or depart.

Again, I realize the controller can deny me even doing pattern work, but shouldn’t i have to ask first, so they can instruct as to whether I should make right or left traffic? Further, the only way to then ask to stay in the pattern is to request takeoff, which I’ve already been granted. Asking again makes controllers testy.

Thoughts? Am I out to lunch?

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is the controller in question IFWP Elite Piesone?

I don’t remember who it was but it’s happened a few times. The event in question from today was whoever cleared me for takeoff at 25R LAX around 14:15EST.

Nope, not him. He seems a bit fishy though…


I’ll make a note of the controller next time it happens.

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I hear your problem, I control in KNUC and KSAN where only 1 runway is available for take offs and landing. Often I clear plane to depart before they request simply because it’s busy and i can’t keep so many planes waiting. I believe KLAX is even worse. Just my opinion.

If the controller is that busy, he/she may pre-empt your request to keep the traffic flowing. I would also suggest that if it’s that busy they’d probably deny your request for pattern work anyway.

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Guys, let’s be clear here - and maybe I should have said this out of the gate. I understand that at busy airports you’re at the controllers discretion. I’m talking about airports with very low amounts of traffic, where I switch to tower after I’m done taxiing and I’m immediately told by what must be a bored controller, what I should do.

No fun.

Only talking from personal experience here, but if I’m sat with light traffic I’ll wait for you to call me when you’re ready to takeoff. If I’m having my balls busted left, right and centre, then I’ll do everything I can to keep the traffic flowing. That includes closing to incoming traffic and denying pattern work, until my workload dissipates.

Absolutely agree. Worst start to a flight is when you spawn in and immediately get approved for pushback and then to taxi to the runway right afterwards while you’re still sitting at the gate.


A controllers eyes aren’t looking at the micro environment they’re looking at the Macro. You never know what they may be anticipating… With that said sorry for your bad experience, wasn’t me.

Certainly not trying to make any ATC enemies! I’ll always comply, even if I don’t understand why the request was issued (unless it will get me killed)!!

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I believe this was @JeebakR

I do not keep a time frame of controlling. However if it was me and I have asked u to line up and wait,given u a clearance that’s because I wanted to expedite departures. As a controller,I never assume anything,I always wait for intentions,but we can see your fpl and in that way if I see ur fpl leads u to my airport I may have issued u a continue inbound or pattern instruction. If u feel that wasn’t right, say unable or frequency change. Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried to expedite departures for arrivals. At the end of the day I make mistakes too. Sorry once again.


Yikes - I wasn’t hoping to name names and I honestly don’t know who it was. This was more of a general, “hey guys… what’s the deal when this happens?”

I think as long as it generates healthy discussion it’s all good. So please - no apologies necessary!

Thanks for everyone’s insight and thoughts.

As a pilot,if am cleared to take off or asked to line up and wait,I will follow,take off and then state my intentions on the upwind. :) regarding ground approving pushback or giving taxi command before pilot stating intentions,I guess that’s not right.

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