Advanced server ATC

Is someone willing to be ATC in advanced server at KASE now?
There a a lot of flights out of KASE right now and it would be nice to have ATC there.

I got you :)

Thanks. I’m flying there now. I’m newzealand 98 heavy

I’ll be there in 6min

Your on ATC now?
I just called inbound

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I’m now air canada 98 super

I’m a bit confused… Why would you want to cross runway 33 at KASE? There’s no taxiway on the other side

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There is a little curve were I can wait and do my flight plan withought bothering anyone

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Yep, I saw that afterwards. Never knew that little slab existed

How did I do? My first landing in the 777 was horrible

Yeah… That landing pitch tho


I know. The landing was smooth but the runway wasn’t long enough for my 777.

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